Tres leches

Today’s science experiment

Something about baking, as opposed to cooking, makes it much less intimidating to me. And making cupcakes, well… they’re just plain fun!

While out and about yesterday (truthfully, I was lost at the time) I stumbled across a little bake shop that had tres leches (Spanish for three milk) cupcakes as their special of the day. I’d always wanted to try this Latin American specialty, so I forked over the $5.00 for two of them.

They were yummy enough (addictive, honestly) that I decided to try making them myself today. I followed the recipe I found here and… oh my goodness, these are so delicious! According to my taste tester, they’re even better than the ones I bought yesterday!

Tres leches is traditionally a cake, but it’s so super rich that I almost think it’s better suited to cupcake form… you know, just a couple bites. These aren’t your traditional cupcakes, either, because if they’re made right and drenched in milk, you’ll want a spoon for all the sweet goodness at the bottom.

: )

8 thoughts on “Tres leches”

  1. I have yet to try this cake in Mexico where it is very popular. The blog author you link to has a recipe for the cake (rather than cupcakes which look very fiddly) and I think I will make it my birthday cake.

  2. Where did you get the cupcakes? Im not much of a baker so i rather buy them. My sons birthday is coming up and I figured this would be something different from the average cupcake. Thanks so much for your input

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