I found these tree swallows at lunchtime today. They were very involved in discussing the merits of this particular nest box, as compared to any of the others nearby, and didn’t mind that I got close to take a few pics.

I found a really nice park within a five minute drive from my office; I’m not sure just how I never knew of it before, but I’m excited to discover someplace so nice to spend my lunch hour once in a while! There’s a pond and wooded ravine and a twenty acre butterfly meadow, which is where I found the tree swallows, and bluebirds, and flickers, and chipping sparrows. Heard a field sparrow singing there today and saw my first dragonfly of the season, too. Only butterfly today was a cabbage white, but the meadow is still just winter stubble. It looks promising though!

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  1. Nice picture,-It is always nice to discover new spots-I’m looking forward to exploring two areas I found this past winter.

  2. Yay, Laura! My lunchtime walks are a blessing to see more than my back yard can offer. I think swallows are great camera patients. I saw several dragonflies on my walk today but they wouldn’t be still.

    Put the walking shoes on and enjoy the middle of the day :o)

  3. Aren’t swallows some of the most cooperative birds? They aren’t afraid of anything or anyone.
    Mine haven’t been around lately. I shudder to think that they are lying in a nest box somewhere, dead…like Mon@rch’s swallows.
    Cool that you found a nice new place. Looking forward to seeing more of it!

  4. What a great find. And I look forward to more great blogs from you–since you always seem to find something worth photographing and sharing.

  5. Oh, how fun to find a new place! I love it when that happens. We think we have to go all over the world to see something new, when there’s places we haven’t seen yet practically in our own back yard!

    I love the swallows. I hope they’re happy with their choice!

  6. Cooperative swallows . . . what a dream! Our swallows are very friendly and unafraid but they don’t sit still . . . ever, they just move, move, move all the time. Sigh.

  7. Sounds like a lovely place to have a quiet lunch.

    You are way ahead of us, of course, with your dragonflies and all, but I did see something flying yesterday-a wasp!

  8. How wonderful to find a new spot teeming with visions like this! I didn’t realize that the tree swallows would use a nestbox like this!

  9. Tree swallows are so formally dressed- beautiful picture! It is neat to find a new place. Today is the first I’ve noticed the funny goose with bunny ears picture. Where did you get that? I’m still chuckling over it!

    Speaking of bunnies, Buddy has started licking a spot on my metal bedframe. Any idea why he’d do that? Do I need to stop him?

  10. I love Lynne’s comment about ‘formal attire’ :0D Thats a very sweet photo. One of my neatest memories is of standing in a grassy area beside a woods as a dozen swallows swooped and darted over the ground oblivious to me – coming within inches as they snapped insects from the air.

    We’ll be looking forward to reports and pixes from your new noon haunt.

  11. The only swallows I have seen have been zooming over the river. If I hadn’t caught them with the camera, I wouldn’t have known what they were. It is always great to find a new place to explore!

  12. The tree swallows have been very good to me in letting me get close for some pictures! Great shot and love you were able to watch them interact!

  13. Hi Laura, I just found your web page while googling swallows. Was great to see your picture. I was just walking in the rain today at Loantaka Brook pond in Morris County and it was full of these beautiful colorful swallows catching insects just over the water. Was a great sight and a great bird watching day. I came right home to look up what type of birds these were and found your picture. I’ll be back to visit your site again. Enjoy your new lunch spot!

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