Goofing off at the beach

I took a short break this afternoon from pond-cleaning duty to visit Sandy Hook and the migration watch site. It was a beautiful day and the Hook was packed with people desperate for time outdoors. There were cyclers and bikers, rollerbladers and windsurfers, tourists and birders. Lots of birders. A Hooded Warbler was found yesterday and I thought I might get a peak at it, but no luck. There were a nice number of hawks moving today, I thought. Plenty of airplanes to look at when nothing else is going by.

Lots of people hang out at the hawk watch to keep the counter company and to see what’s happening by. I saw a few broadwings, a red shoulder or two, and lots of turkey vultures. They tend to fly out a certain distance over the bay and then stall while deciding what to do, as they’re hesitant to cross the open water ahead of them. Most circle back and fly north via the bayshore. The dune vegetation is still very brown, but soon the beach plums will be blooming – can’t wait to see them all frothy white and humming with bees!

8 thoughts on “Goofing off at the beach”

  1. Laura, a beach bum today? LOL! I don’t blame you or anyone. It was a fine day across the mid-atlantic and southeast.

    Now you need to tell me how the pond work is coming along…

  2. Sounds like you may have been there at the same time as Patrick from the Hawks’s Owl Nest.He was leading a trip toay and his girlfriend took a nice picture of the Hooded Warbler.

    Beautiful day to be out today-wan’t it?

  3. Mary: I saved those pics for tomorrow – it’s coming along.

    Larry: I did miss Patrick and lots of good birds, apparently! It was a fine day! If only it never got any warmer than this!

  4. Goodness, Laura, with all those people–with binoculars, cameras, scopes, whatever–it’s a wonder the birds still fly by.
    Ever wonder what the birds say to each other about all the birders?
    You are right–it was a glorious day to be out!

  5. Glad I read this today. Sounds like an enjoyable break from work. A couple of years ago, I saw hawks pass over here. I guess I should keep my eyes and ears open when I am working outdoors.

  6. Thank goodness for spring sun! We spent all weekend outdoors as well, though sadly we’re landlocked! Glad you had fun.

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