Pond progress

Mary had asked for some pond pics and we’ve done a bit of work lately so that I’m not so embarrassed to share photos. The filter’s been running for a few weeks after the major cleanout we did and the 20 or so fish are back in the pond. This past weekend we finally bought a few plants and that has made a world of difference in how the pond looks! We bought some parrot’s feather and a sensitive fern, some rushes, and a pickerel plant, and some elephant ears. We also bought a few of the *floaters* to offer some shade until we buy any waterlilies. The floating heart that grew last year as a volunteer has started sending out shoots and the mint that grows in the rocks is already out of control! This year I would really like to work on planting the edges of the pond; other than a few hostas, daylilies, and some monarda, nothing much that I’ve planted in the past has been able to survive. The pond is in full sun for most of the day and those rocks really heat up! I haven’t spotted the frog since we did the cleanout, but I’m sure he’s lurking there somewhere.

14 thoughts on “Pond progress”

  1. It’s beautiful, Laura. This is the first photo I’ve seen of your pond in springtime. I never have good luck with plants…my pond get full sun, too. I need to work on it.

    That frog wlll return soon because they know when they have it good! Do you sit, listen, and watch often? I do, especially in the evenings when I can watch a little toad porn. Tee hee

    It’s hard work but worth it. Lovely photo :o)

  2. Oh how pretty. When I read about your pond, or Mary’s–I say to my husband: we should have a pond. He says–NO. See, we do have a pool & that takes a lot of work, cleaning, balancing chemicals, etc.
    So I will admire ponds from afar.

  3. We have a creek behind our house so I can’t talk my husband into any sort of a water feature either. Sigh. Yours is lovely! Share lots of pics, please!

  4. So pretty Laura- your hard work shows. I’d want to sit nearby with a book and iced tea! (and my bins of course!)

  5. I agree with Lynne. A book, cold iced tea, bins, the pond, some cool birds, great plants, ahhhh. Save me a spot, too.

    Your pond is so beautiful.

    Wayne, PA


    I still want a pond. But I want something that is natural and un-fussed with. Is it harder to “maintain” a pond like yours, or is it asking for trouble to have one that is completely natural and unfiltered?

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