Bath interrupted

All the neighborhood birds, especially the robins, love the shallow end of our pond.
Have you noticed that one bathing bird seems to draw others? I focused on the robins, but there were a few house sparrows and a mourning dove waiting their turn on the sidelines.Raccoons or wading birds could have a feast with the *walk-in* design of our pond, but the fish have plenty of hiding places and like to tickle the bird’s toes in the shallows while they bathe.
My husband says we have the biggest and nicest birdbath in the neighborhood. I think the robins would agree.

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  1. Your husband it right! Definitely! Most of the birds arouond my house like my neighbor’s stream water feature because it’s all shallow. But I do have many birds bath and sip from the waterfall here.

    Isn’t it fun to watch them feel refreshed?

    Is it hot there, Laura? It’s been 95-96 here for two days.

    Great photos!

  2. It sounds like you have done many things to your yard to make it wild-life friendly. Have you ever considered getting certified by something like National Wildlife?

  3. I would love to have a pond. But there are too many cats in the area and it wouldn’t be fair to the birds.

    Great photos!

  4. Really great pics, Laura. I love robins – this year we have a few families. The crows decimated their numbers in the past few years.

  5. Mary: It hasn’t been too hot – it’s humid though – yuck!

    I’ve seen photos of streams, but never saw one for real. Not sure how well I would like it – might like to add something like that to the existing pond; I’d miss the deeper water for growing plants and fish.

    KGMom: No, I’ve not really thought of that, mostly because my impression of that program by NWF is that it’s mostly just a fundraiser for their organization. Cynical of me, yes, but the birds and other critters won’t be impressed by the little sign they offer you saying it’s a certified habitat.

    John: They seem to use it regardless of the weather.

    Bunnygirl: That must be it!

    Laurie: That’s a good point you’ve brought up; I’m glad t6o not have that problem. My dog loves to chase stray cats.


    Susan: I think that little puddle you put in might draw a few birds! See if you can’t get the water moving somehow – maybe add a dripper or one of those solar fountains?

    My brother put in a little pond recently – just one of those hard liner ponds – yet it’s really beautiful. I’m sure you could build something easily!

  6. There’s just nothing sweeter than watching the unadulterated glee with which birds bathe! You can just sense their relief and joy. :c)

  7. Your pond even looks refreshing–crystal clear water,…our clay soil in OH means murky water. What I wouldn’t do for sand and stone…always so clean looking!

  8. You do have the nicest birdbath! I love watching birds take baths – especially robins because they can really fling the water around!

  9. Sucn wonderful seeing all those wonderful photos of the birds taking baths! For sure they love them, even more so when it’s as dry as it has been.

  10. We love to watch the birds bathe in our pond too. The robins especially seem to enjoy it with immense exuberance. It’s funny though, when it rains, the birds will opt for the impromptu puddles over the pond. Very cute.

  11. Oh, Luara – I WANT IT! Waaaah – I want water – Waaaah. These pictures – I can hear the splish-splashing. I need a pond!

    (My poor husband – he ‘thought’ we were done in the back yard :0)

  12. I love to watch the robins bathe too, but they sure can empty a birdbath in a hurry. Your pond looks beautiful…all those nice little rocks, just like a natural pond. I can see why the birds enjoy it.

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