Someone’s been awful busy

Suddenly our little backyard pond is full of baby fish. In fact, I think we have more babies than grown-up fish-making fishies. It’s quite a surprise when your pond population seemingly doubles overnight. Makes you wonder how you could have missed the fish being so busy! Some years are like this; the fish are very fertile and make lots of little gold and black speckled babies, other years there are none or at least none survive long enough to be visible to us. I wonder why that is?

My husband and I have been amusing ourselves the last few days by trying to get an accurate count of just how many babies there are, but it’s next to impossible. They dart and hide very efficiently. We’re guessing whether they’re goldfish babies, koi babies, or mutts of some sort. The fish aren’t telling; neither is the fairy who keeps watch over their antics.

9 thoughts on “Someone’s been awful busy”

  1. Oooo. I love sitting on a rock at night with the light on the babies. Most of the fry get eaten but many of them grow into adults! Half of my pond are offspring. My water is so murky now that I can’t see them (if they are there). Having fun watching them, Laura. I love the little ones and buy tiny pellets for them.

  2. No fish porn? LOLOL… At least they use discretion! :c) Happy to know that you have lotsa fishies to enjoy. Love your fairy too!

  3. Laura, I thought when goldfish naturalized in ponds, that their offspring is brown. I’ll bet your babies are Koi. I love yourt fairy!
    She reminds me of a Cicely Mary Barker flower fairy.

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