Cross-eyed glances

I was out with my camera today to photograph insects at two very public parks; one is popular with rollerbladers and joggers, the other popular as a site for weddings because it’s so lavishly planted with roses and other photogenic flowers. In both places I was knee-deep in the weediest patches lush with milkweed and daisies focusing my lens at bumblebees, beetles, and butterflies. I got more than a few cross-eyed glances from passerby! Birdwatching gets a person used to the odd looks from others, I think. There was a time when I was very self-conscious going out with binoculars around my neck; lately I’ve added a camera slung over my shoulder as well as the bag of extra lenses, just in case. If rollerbladers don’t feel funny with those big wheeled-boots on their feet on a ninety degree day, why should I?

This tiny butterfly, the size of a dime, is an Eastern-Tailed Blue I think, feeding on yarrow.

17 thoughts on “Cross-eyed glances”

  1. That’s a really nice butterfly picture. I see them, but they never sit still long enough for me to even focus the camera.

    So, do you think people stare at you just because you’re carrying binoculars and a camera or are you also talking to yourself while looking at birds, bugs and butterflies? (which is what I’m usually doing…talking to myself, I mean)

  2. I know what you’re saying here… I usually feel very self-conscious, especially when I’ve pulled off the side of the road and standing in a ditch. I know I get the “looks”. But chances are that I’ll never see those people again. So, who cares?

    I like your butterfly. I need to get out there more often, like you did today. I’ve been slacking.

  3. Now, what is that flutterby standing on? It is lovely.

    No worries about the looks. I completely lost my self-consciousness with having little kiddos.

  4. Nice photo. I’m wondering if that might be a banded or Edwards’s hairstreak rather than an eastern tailed-blue. These little butterflies can be tough, even with a good photograph!

  5. Very nice photo-It looks like we must be in the midst of the butterfly season.-I don’t care what people think any more.-They’re the ones missing out.

  6. Good for you Laura! Maybe they look at us in a funny way because they think they are missing out on something… and they are!

  7. I always try and make conversations if I can with people that look at us oddly while birding. I look at it as my chance to turn someone on to nature that may not be aware of all the great things you can see, even in a public park.

  8. I agree that this is one of the hairstreaks!! It is hard to tell which species from this angle but you can narrow it down to a few different species! BTW: Why do birders always get the bad wrap? Isn’t fair!

  9. I use to be self-conscious also. Then I figured that was holding me back. I do have an agressive personality being in sales. So now I go and do and dress the way I feel I want to. I get more people coming up to me now and asking questions, helping out and all kinds of stuff. The ones with the funny look on their face crack me up now. Just have fun Laura!

  10. Who cares what people think? You are the one with the beautiful shots. So sad that most people never even see this kind of beauty.

  11. Again, a beautiful picture you’ve shared with us Laura! My point and shoot just won’t fucus quickly enough to catch those little beauties. Naw, it’s not the camera- It’s you and your talent!

  12. I have always loved the smaller butterflies like these, purple and blue and powdery looking. Nice pic–they never sit still for me.

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