Too much of a good thing

Everything in the pond is growing out of control! The mint that grows along the rock edge is spilling over and sending roots into the pond. The water lettuce and hyacinths that we bought in early May are reproducing at a frightening rate. We bought three of each and must have at least 50 of each now just two months later! It’s no wonder those two are considered noxious weeds in tropical climates. I’ll have to find friends with ponds who might like a few dozen floating plants. Maybe I can throw in a dozen baby fish for free? Having some shade and cover for the fish is important, but you can see from this pic that more than 2/3 of the pond surface is covered by plants – that’s too much – and may lead to problems with the oxygen level in the pond. Anyone want some free plants?

9 thoughts on “Too much of a good thing”

  1. Goodness–you & Mary have an overabundance in your ponds. There must be a pond network out there somewhere. On Craigs List?

  2. If I lived closer, I’d be right over! My plants are young and small. You can keep your fish, though. I have WAY too many. Your pond looks so nice… Loaded with tadpoles?

  3. You have a very healthy bee balm–it looks like. I hesitated to move some into my garden, (because of its mint heritage,and desire to rule!) but without the abundance of water it had down by the creek bed, it behaved itself around others very nicely. Maybe you could get a patch going in another area?

  4. Your pond is so pretty Laura.
    Between yours and Mary’s, I think we are all learning so much about pond ecosystems!

    Thanks to you two, I now realize that my pond is not a pond after all. It is a very small puddle with a waterfall and a couple of frogs, as compared to what I now realize is a true pond.

    If my pond were a real pond, then I could help you out with your plant problem. I’m only a hop, skip and jump away.

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