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Here’s something I’m learning lately about blogging: it’s really hard to come up with anything interesting to say when you leave thinking about it to the very last minute of the day. I’m days behind with reading all of your blogs and weeks behind with commenting or responding to your kind comments here. I’m sorry… I’ll catch up one of these days!

In the meantime, or today at least, have a peek at some pretty flower bits from last spring. Some type of azalea that I found growing wild at the edge of the woods. Hopefully, the muse will find me tomorrow with a bit of inspiration and a bit more time to write something worth your time.


8 thoughts on “Just bits”

  1. Laura, maybe I’m just an unfeeling lout but I think that blogs should be a guilt-free environment. If I get too busy to read blogs for a few days and don’t have time to catch up — I jump in where I am and don’t worry about it. Life is too messy for me to keep up with anything consistently. If I don’t hear from someone, I figure their life got messy too and hope things ease up for them soon! 🙂

  2. Pablo said it best; I certainly feel like my days are a mushy blur with not enough time to blog or read other blogs. Calculus is kicking my tail in a big way this semester (don’t like this new professor), and it’s affecting everything badly.

  3. Some wonderful advice from the readers who have already commented. I have page after page of material written for my blog but for the moment can’t add graphics – (My computer is feeling nearly as old as its owner)
    You always bring some joy to each post.

  4. Laura,

    Anything you have to say is worth my time. Don’t worry about it.

    I’m the grasshopper type, too. Every evening I think of the photos I’ve taken and try to come up with something to say. Isn’t easy anymore…that’s why I cut back on posting 50%!

  5. Liza: You’re right, of course, but I still feel badly if I’m away from anyone’s blog for too long.

    Pablo: Hey! Yeah.. ideas are coming that slowly. I’m ready for some signs of spring, at least.

    Delia: Time isn’t exactly the issue; it’s more about a lack of good inspiration, I guess.

    Hope your calc class ends well. You’re brave for sticking with it, I think.

    Trixie: Thanks for saying that – less guilt is a good thing!


    Endment: That sounds horribly frustrating! Maybe you could loan me an idea or two?


    Mary: Writing about photos doesn’t really work for me; especially not if there’s no good ones to work with. I need a change of scenery, maybe!

  6. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you put into your blog.-I don’t read your blog or anyone elses every night.I just don’t have the nergy to after a long day. You always have something good to offer in your posts though-

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