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  1. I saw two horseshoe crabs going at it last time I was in Cape May, but I at least had the forebearance to refrain from taking their pic and posting it on the Web. You crab pornographer, you!

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for visiting. I’m still around, but feeling a bit crabby. 😉 Lost your eMail, and your profile doesn’t include, so I’ll respond here.

    After the Florida trip (mentioned on the blog), the behaviour of people there and subsequent interactions I’ve had at home with venal cracker politicians, spineless, plotting pettifoggers, and kangaroo court systems, I’ve kinda written off the human race. Add to this a worrysome health issue and blogging holds little interest anymore.

    You might be interested to hear, however, that someone dumped a white pet rabbit in the neighborhood and it ended up in the garden. I brought it in and spoiled it with fresh vegetables and timothy hay and such for a couple of weeks. It got really excited whenever I entered the room because it just knew I had a juicy treat for it (and I did). No one claimed it and it eventually went to live at a rabbit rescue farm run by a local woman. I don’t know what kind it was – white with black spots, and modest ears. I thought of you when I found it, and figured you could probably identify it – for whatever that’s worth.

    I see you have been in GA – sorry I missed yoose guys. You were lucky to get onto Cumberland. As a final oddity (cue the twilight zone music), the girl I work with was at the Jersey shore (Avalon) last week for her high school reunion.

    Funny thing about blogging. Many years ago when the Internet (and other online venues) were new, I met people from online contacts, and even garnered a few customers from the local Hi-Tech businesses which used to exist here. People are paranoid these days, and it all seems rather empty and distopian anymore.

    Take Care!

  3. KGMom: (giggle)

    Delia: Can’t help myself!


    Dr. Know: Hey! I’ve been poking my head in at your blog every once in a while to check on you… glad to know you’re ok.

    I’ll send an email later…

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