20 thoughts on “Don’t panic!”

  1. I love the new font… not so sure about the black background.


    I also cleaned up my blogroll, finally… look for a couple new blogs there…

    And added a favorite blog post to the sidebar that I’ll update as the mood strikes me!

  2. Hmmm–very funky font. It remains to be seen how easy it is for aging eyes to read.
    Maybe that is the white on black effect.
    But I do like the new look.
    FOUR? Wow–I feel like I have been reading nearly that long.
    Congrats–in anticipation.

  3. The black background is too hard on the eyes, as is the font. If you like it, keep it, but since you’re soliciting opinions, I thought I would add mine;)

  4. The black background is great for showing off pictures.
    The white type on black background is very difficult for me to read, although the blogroll is ok.
    W0W, 4 years, that is remarkable work!

  5. I think I have it back to about where I started!


    I love a black background with photos, but probably it’s better on a page without so much text.

    Funny… but I noticed also that it looks different on a PC than a MAC.

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