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wherever you make your nest!
Ospreys seem to have oddball nesting preferences, don’t they? At Sandy Hook a few pairs choose chimneys of the out-of-commission officer’s buildings rather than the available salt marsh nesting platforms. I’ve seen them nest on channel markers, cell towers, and once in the top of an old dead tree – imagine that! Are there any oddball nests in your neighborhood?

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  1. Haven’t had any nests on/in our chimneys but on two occasions, starlings came down and were flapping and screaming at the window of our wood stove. Luckily we were able to get them out of the house before they were hurt – they were worn out!

  2. I was always used to seeing them sit on the channel markers as I fished the Niantic River for Flounder.-One of them used to perch on a fisherman’s boat all the time.

  3. KGMom: Where in Spain did you see them? I was more into boys than birds when I was in Spain.


    Ruth: Yes, that’s mostly what they seem to use locally.

    Jean: Good thing you were able to rescue them – curious birds!

    Mary: Are you totally inland, I guess? I’d miss not being able to hear osprey from my bedroom window.

    Cathy: lol! Maybe I shouldn’t ask for more details?!

    Lynne: Now THAT must have been something! How close to water was it?

    Naturewoman: Sounds interesting, thanks. I always worry when I see them nesting near wires.

    Larry: I’m surprised to see them nesting that low to the water, but I guess so long as boats don’t bother them all is well. I’d bet they’d prefer a higher spot though.

    Monarch: Yes, they’re very cosmopolitan!

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