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The cheese house and other bunny toys

This photo of Freckles in her *cheese house* makes me smile anytime I come across it. The cheese house is not a very popular toy here (the inside is too slippery) so mostly it collects dust. The favorite bunny toy was the cardboard castle – the bunnies loved to play in it and climb to the top, but the Flemmies caused a fatal collapse – those things just are not made for big bunnies! Another favorite during the summer months is their sandbox – oh how they love to dig and *do donuts* in it. Dora loves to chew stuff and is currently demolishing a tent tunnel from Busy Bunny – I’ll need to order another before she starts taking apart my furniture!

Dora smiles (almost)

Dora is the newest bunny to join the family. She is a Checkered Giant and was adopted from Kind Heart Rescue who took her out of a slaughterhouse here in Central NJ. My two Flemish Giants, Boomer and Cricket, were also rescued by Kind Heart from the same slaughterhouse.

Dora is a doll of a rabbit! She is quite particular in her habits and loves nothing more than for me to rub her forehead. She lives in my spare bedroom/office and naps beneath my chair while I work at the PC. She makes a great foot-warmer, although she occasionally tries to nip my toes!

She is adjusting to her new home well, after only one month here. She’s learned our routine and greats me and my offerings of food and treats with leaps and shakes of her pretty head. That’s just her way of being silly.