The saddest thing I ever did see
Was a woodpecker peckin’ at a plastic tree.
He looks at me, and “Friend,” says he,
“Things ain’t as sweet as they used to be.”
–Shel Silverstein

Have you noticed the woodpeckers lately? All at once they seem to have decided to stop being so shy and are swooping from tree to tree in their woodpeckery way, testing out the hollow limbs to find the most resonant. The downies love peanuts and always seem to be at the feeder or waiting nearby in the little dogwood tree for the chance to sneak in and steal away a nut. Sweet little birds!

8 thoughts on “Peckin’”

  1. I’ve heard some woodpeckers here in my new neighborhood. They weren’t common where I lived before.

    One of the things I love about your part of the country is the woodpeckers. It seems I always find one or two when I’m hiking. 🙂

  2. On my recent trip to southern Indiana, I saw three types of woodpeckers–saw one pileated woodpecker but heard it/them several times drilling away in the woods.

  3. Laura,

    The Downys are so sweet. One male on campus is oblivious to me and works away all day. The female I have at home is very sneaky. I love them.

    Nice post.


  4. Love the woodpeckers. I have four year-round…Downy, Hairy, Red-bellied and Pileated. Just love watching them. Had a nest of Pileated last year but only saw them when the babies were pretty well grown. They are all beautiful birds!

  5. Bunnygirl: Yes.. it’s nice that they’re so vocal now.

    Monarch: I don’t see sapsuckers often enough, but love it whenever I hear them around.

    KGMom: I’m jealous! I still haven’t had a nice look at a pileated.

    Mary: Yes… they can be quite friendly (if there’s peanuts or suet).


    Aunt B: Hi! You’re lucky to have so many, I think!

    Nina: I don’t get many nice bird pics, but this is a favorite!

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