6 thoughts on “Myers-Briggs”

  1. Hey–there’s another INTJ out there–hi Delia.
    Laura–Myers-Briggs is an explanation of preference, not an excuse for behavior.
    People do mistake the introversion part–what it means is do you get energized by being with a lot of people (like a party) or by being alone. I prefer the latter.
    The whole personality test can be revealing.
    What made you laugh? Curious to know.

  2. Once all us NT’s went in one room and the opposites went in another room and our assignment was to make a presentation about the strengths of our type. There were only a few of us and we all just sat there until finally a guy got up and wrote a few words on the flip sheet and we said “Ya – that’s it.” Then we decided to take a peek in the room of the other guys .. it was about three times as many people and it was sheer bedlam! Everybody talking at once and hollering and it plumb wore us out!!!

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