11 thoughts on “Undercover”

  1. Go to the supermarket and stick your nose into one of those forced Hyacinths. For me it is the first fragrance of spring. There were several at the market yesterday and I stuck my nose in them all. Wonderful!

  2. Even though I get tired of the scent after a while, I had to buy one of those grocery store potted hyacynths. We have MONTHS to go before anything blooms around here…

  3. Beautiful shots. I’m trying to hang on until the witch hazel blooms.

    Wayne, PA

    My word verification was “syndrome.” Ha!

  4. ForrestGreen: It’s still too early here for even supermarket hyacinths.

    (grumpy sigh)

    Dr. Know: Ha!

    Not sure that smart women and bikinis ever really go well together.


    Jayne: Aww.. thanks.

    Bobbie: It’s really too soon, I know.

    Lynne: I don’t know how you can stand the wait!

    NCMountainWoman: Yeah… you’re right about that, though all the weeds looked really pretty that day, even with all the gray and blah.

    Heather: Right. Witch hazel… next month!


    Steve: Thanks.

  5. It’s just cabin fever Laura. Outside, see the deep quiet sleeping beauty all umber and dulled ochre lifted from exposed earth and naked trees by the magic irridescent snow. When you see it, breathe in deeply, slowly and exhale fully. Your perspective will renew with your patience and your soul. Anyway, just a few more weeks, eh? Cheers!

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