Linda’s shoes

“There’s no place like home… there’s no place like home,” is my chuckled refrain at her throughout the workday whenever she wears them.

Despite my teasing, she knows I love those shoes and envy her the ability to carry them off.

It’s not so much the shoes that I love as much as what I imagine them to say about her.

My personal version of shoe therapy is a pair of black converse sneakers. I’ll wear them to work sometimes just to see people look at me sort of cross-eyed. That makes me a little more happy, somehow, like Linda’s red shoes.

Are shoes an unconscious signal to a particular mood for you, too? A hint, maybe, that you’re feeling sassy or fearless or… ?

9 thoughts on “Linda’s shoes”

  1. I love red shoes too–I bought too many pairs a year or so ago, and gave a few away.
    Shoes–for me it’s simple: Clarks clogs in the winter; Clarks sandals in the summer.

  2. I personally think shoes say alot about a person. The older you get the harder it is though, cause comfort always seems to rule. I love red shoes!

  3. I’m not fond of shoes. Didn’t even like my little Mary Janes when I was a kid. I own THREE pairs of dress shoes; black, white, navy. Oh, and a fancy pair I bought to dance with my son on his wedding day. The rest of my shoes say to the world, “Those feet may be big and ugly, but I’ll bet they are comfortable.”

  4. Afer three summers of desert living, I am seriously jonesing for a pair of red cowboy boots.

    Such an unnecessary thing, but they catch my eye every time I see some…


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