Bad bird photo of the week

Can you hear the evil cackling from behind my computer screen?


I imagine there’s enough here for guessing anyway.

As to hints, well… the pic was taken roadside, behind a restaurant featuring pasties.

And I did eventually learn the proper pronunciation of that delicacy, but not before embarrassing myself with the waitress.

14 thoughts on “Bad bird photo of the week”

  1. I did that same mispronunciation in Minnesota. I can’t even remember how it was pronounced now. I think it’s like “past” as opposed to “paste”, right? I’m not even going to guess on the bird.

  2. Hmmm… a toughie. Was the photo taken in the morning? Looks like a good bird – I bet you were warbling over that one!

    Roger T. Peterson

  3. Jayne: …almost! You’re so close!


    Patrick: Right… saying it like *paste* refers to something else entirely (the waitress was kind enough to remind me I wasn’t in Las Vegas!)

    There’s no hope if even you won’t make a guess…

    Mr. Peterson: Hmmm… thanks for stopping by with a hint.


    (that obviously went right over everyone’s head!)

    Carolyn: Nice guess, but no.

    Delia: Nope. The yellow bit isn’t important… it’s that bit of gray that you can almost guess at.


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