12 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday: Cape May”

  1. Love this photo – and love that she’s starting so young. (Yes, and I love the hat too.)

    Oooo – and I love the word verification this time. It says “sunkiess”

  2. Hawkwatching is the best at Cape May…the birds are so close compared to watching on most ridge locations….By the way, are you trying to imply that birders are a bit geeky in their dress? lol;)

  3. Laura, I love so many of your photographs, but this one. This one has to be right at the top and my favorite for at least a little while. I *love* her hat and more, I *love* the feeling the photograph gives me when I look at it.

    bobbie-my word was linguorr -ooo that can go so many ways-linger, langour, langourous, luxurious, lingering langour with liquor (my Sunday post- birdwatching Mimosa)…

  4. Oh that is too cute. I’ve heard that the birding is pretty awesome at Cape May… maybe someday I’ll make it there. Thanks for visiting my blog, and happy skywatching!

  5. I didn’t know this little girl, but loved everything about the *picture* of her… the gorgeous cast of the sun, the fuzziness of her hat and the contrast of its color against the green of her bathing suit, the older girl sort of leaning over her… felt nice to me, too!

    Thanks everyone!

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