*%^$# rabbit!!

One of Freckles’greatest joys in life is digging through her litterbox and spreading the contents far and wide.


Somehow, I’d imagined that at 10 years old, she might’ve outgrown this miserable habit, finally.


Do your bunnies love to dig, too? How do you keep it from driving you absolutely f-ing nuts?


3 thoughts on “*%^$# rabbit!!”

  1. The other night as we slept, McCloud, who is now 15 years and still large at 17 pounds and mostly blind, actually tipped over the entire cat litter box on the screen porch. Sophie, usually quiet and restrained, kept poking me in the head and meowing without stop all night long. I thought it was unusual but was too tired to get up and feed her-what I thought she wanted. In the morning, she was sitting on the bed stand, obviously distressed and said, clear as day: “You should see what that stupid oaf did! It’s terrible! It’s awful! FIX IT!” She did everything but cartoon point at the porch. I went to see and not only had he knocked it over but he was quite content to use it, spread out like a filthy sandbox of sorts. Sophie refused to use the box for three days even though I quickly cleaned up the mess- she knew that it was just plain wrong and had her nose out of joint so she used my newly planted earthbox instead just to prove her point. You know? Some of God’s creatures are just tidier than others. I think you should bring a bunny to NR, WV, okay?

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