Wanna go for a ride?!?

That I was home in the middle of the day, on a work day, should have been his first hint that I was up to no good. Despite his age, Buddy is still a sucker for a car ride. He always seems to think we’re going to the beach until we pull into the driveway of the vet’s office. Then the whining and dirty looks start.

Buddy makes me proud with the way that he behaves at the vet. He politely steps onto the scale in the waiting room and sits down to be weighed. He doesn’t blush when the receptionist announces his weight to the whole room (94.1 lbs. !!). He doesn’t pull on the leash like some wild thing. He’s too scared to misbehave.

I can tell that he likes our new vet better than the place we’ve gone to for most of his life. I don’t have to drag and coax him into the door with my silly voice. He doesn’t show his teeth to this vet when she shines the light in his eyes the way he did with our old vet. He still tries to crawl under me to hide, but even that is an improvement.

So, we came home with yet another rinse for his ears and the same old meds to try and get rid of this ear infection. It seems to go away for a while and then comes back. Hopefully, this time it will work. I know that Buddy isn’t looking forward to my cleaning his ears and then squirting the goopy meds in twice a day. He goes along with it well enough. So long as I sing to him, while I do it. The things we do.

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