An Easter barbeque with Christmas presents and a campfire

Only in my family! My husband and I had the traditional Easter dinner with his family, then we went to my brother’s for hamburgers, hot dogs, and ribs. I’m not sure where he got this bright idea, but it was fun on such a nice day. The photo at left is my brothers dicussing the merits of vinegar as a marinade for ribs while they enjoy Bloody Mary’s by the grill. My brother makes a mean Bloody Mary with lots of horseradish – I had the virgin version and boy was it hot! Wow!

We sat out on the deck by my brother’s chiminea and spent the afternoon laughing (usually at my brother’s expense). At one point he plopped a wrapped Xmas gift in my lap and said that he had forgotten about it at Christmas time. It was a great old book about birds with color plates that he had pulled out of a neighbor’s trash – great Xmas gift for Easter, no? We’re thinking about doing Halloween at Christmas next year just to mix things up a bit more. We were making jokes about today being like that TV credit card commercial where the family visits their in-laws and celebrates all the holidays of the year in one visit. The photo at right is the gang of us (minus the photographer) – my DH, my brothers and their wives, my two nieces (aren’t they cute?) and family friends of ours.

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