5/17/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Missy, Peanut, and Freckles – Spring 2003

This is an old photo, but a favorite and typical of how I used to find these three in mid-afternoon. Snoozing in a pile with little Peanut in the middle of his two *big* girls. Peanut passed away later that year and nowadays Missy and Freckles live apart, but share play times once in a while.

Dora has been back at the vet’s since last Friday. I brought her back because she wasn’t doing well at home. She’s not doing much better there, but they are taking good care of her. I visit every day and bring her special things, like fresh raspberries and dandelion flowers, to tempt her to eat on her own. The vet says he is seeing a little improvement each day, but I can’t see it. She seems to be having good days and bad, like a rollercoaster. I’m hopeful that there are many good days ahead for her. Enough of the bad.

7 thoughts on “5/17/06 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. Such a cute photo. They look so happy, all those smooshy faces smooshed together!

    I am still sending tons of vibes and good thoughts for Dora. I wish she (and you) didn’t have to go through this. I can tell you that once when Hazel had a serious bought of stasis brought on by a broken molar it took well over a month before she was better. Hang in there, we are all pulling for her.

  2. *Bunny nuzzles* to speed Dora’s healing along. Mama says nuzzles make everybunny feel better.

    And she called Peanut a ‘ladies man’, whatever that means.

  3. Thanks everybody for your good thoughts for Dora.

    And yes, Simone, Peanut was a ladies man! Missy was his love, he melted when she washed his ears. He was my boxy bunny, very full of himself (like all ND’s), but sweet once he was won over. I miss him (and think Missy does, too.)

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