7/5/06 Mid-week bunny fix

This young wildling thinking about sampling my geraniums was to be this week’s bunny fix. In the midst of taking pics I looked up from the camera to see a neighbor standing on my front steps. She had found a domestic bunny running loose a few days ago and could I take it or did I know of someone who would? My first question was, “Who told you I keep rabbits?” I don’t want a reputation as *the bunny lady* because I’m afraid people will dump rabbits on my doorstep. It was the neighbor with the hutch bunny that gave me away.
So. This very scared lop-eared bunny is here in Dora’s cage with fresh hay and water and a pooty box. Very well-cared for from the looks of him/her, but so scared she is chirping at me like a little lost bird. And thumping! Thumping like mad any time the dog walks in view. What to do?

Do I bother with putting up flyers in the neighborhood with the idea that someone out there loves and misses this young bunny? Or follow my gut and know that this is an Easter dump of the worst sort – a bunny set free to fend for itself? Keep it here and provide a home or go to the SPCA or a rescue with him/her?

The rescue that I adopt from contacted me shortly after Dora passed away with the offer of a young bunny that needed a home. I’ve hemmed and hawed for the last month feeling like I was content with the four I have and am not really ready for the heartbreak of another bunny yet. It seems like the universe may have other plans for me, doesn’t it?

9 thoughts on “7/5/06 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. Wow, she’s gorgeous! I know it’s a hard decision to make, but you have to go with your heart and not your head. Most of my animals were ridiculously impractical at the time, and now they’re my best friends. Good luck!

  2. Awww. She’s a beautiful agouti – What a dewlap !!!!!

    I think it’s Karma. She’s probably in such good condition because she hasn’t been on the lamb too long. I don’t know, maybe a flyer or two wouldn’t hurt? Be kind of no-descript and see what happens? I would hate to think of one of mine sneaking out the door or something and no-one bothering to find me. I dunno Laura, that’s a tough call.

    What a beautiful bunny though – we are partial to agoutis 😉

    Good Luck

  3. Oh, she’s so pretty!
    From the lady who can’t say no to any animal anywhere: Sometimes our pets adopt us. But a flyer wouldn’t hurt. Too bad you can’t get hold of the neighbor’s poor outdoor bunny, too.

  4. What a sweet thing! All I can say is what I would do. If I had the means to take an animal and it wandered its way into my life, I’d figure it was meant to be.

    But that’s just me. My family gets most of its pets by default, so my viewpoint is probably skewed.

    If you don’t feel ready to keep her for good, can you foster?

  5. What a dewlap is right – and boy are we hormonal!

    She (I’m thinking) is cage protective and boxes and bats at me between chirping for being afraid.

    Amazes me how quickly a bunny *gets* the litterbox thing – why don’t more people try keeping their bunnies indoors and litter training them? So easy – put the box there and they get it!

    I think I will make up some flyers just in case she belongs to someone. If no owner turns up, I guess the next step is a trip to the vet for a *fix*.

    My DH is kidding me – keeps telling the bunny it doesn’t know the good luck it just wandered in to.

  6. Of course the flip side is if one of my guys/gals went missing I would be knocking on doors and posting flyers.

    I think your DH is right to tease you – what a lucky bunny. Please keep us updated. As an aside, when you can, check her as well as possible, this time of year is perfect for bot fly, ticks, and fleas.

  7. I think the rule is, if it has floppy ears, you have to keep it! I probably would try to locate the owner though – someone may be missing her terribly. I haven’t had bunnies in a long time, but when my old Boomer dog is gone, a bunny may be in the future. Wouldn’t work now – beagle mix dog…bunny. Bad combination!

  8. She’s gorgeous. What a great face, and those floppy ears. I agree that a non-descript flyer would be great. Something that makes the caller describe the bunny they lost. You may find a broken-hearted soul out there just looking for their little bunny. Until then, what a beauty to have around and fall in love with!

  9. Flyers are on the to-do list for tomorrow. Today I scheduled the vet appointment to have him/her fixed.

    Michelle: I found 2 ticks on her so far – surprising she/he doesn’t mind so much being handled! It’s been a few years since I’ve had a bunny that wasn’t fixed – none of mine were ever so hormonal! OMG! I can’t sit at the computer with my legs on the floor because.. well I won’t say why – but I can’t sit Indian style forever! The circling and chirping make me think it’s a *he*, but the cage protectiveness makes me think female. Do you know Michelle? I feel so bad for him/her being in such a constant state of *excited* – I’m sure this bunny was a dump – no ordinary person would understand or want to put up with this behavior. The vet sppt. is for the 28th – it will be a long 2 weeks!

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