We fly toward Forever on unknowing wings
Our destination hidden in the mists.” – Joan Walsh Anglund

This is my parent’s wedding photo. I wasn’t sure of the year and had to check it on the inscription inside my mother’s wedding band which I wear sometimes. The month and day I know because it is so close to my own wedding anniversary on 12/17.

Although my father probably told the story of their wedding lots of times, I’m beginning to forget many of the details that I’m sure my dad included in his telling of it. He was stationed in France with the Air Force during the Korean War during the time leading up to the wedding. I think my mother may have loaned my father the money to buy the engagement ring and she completed much of the planning via letters to my dad in France. She paid most of the bill for the wedding, with her father throwing in an extra keg of beer for the party afterwards.

Beyond that I don’t know, but like any two young people starting out together, they were hopeful and in love as they said their vows of marriage. The time between then and now: 52 years, 5 children, 2 grandchildren, and countless moments of joy and heartbreak.

*Note: My brother Kevin left his response to the Chrsitmas Meme in the comments on that post. He has a good sense of humor and an interesting perspective as the *big brother*. Have a look and a laugh.

12 thoughts on “12/11/54”

  1. People seemed so much more “grown up” then, didn’t they? Beautiful photo of two people who obviously loved each other deeply. Lovely memories… thanks for sharing them.

  2. Laura–another common element between you in NJ and me in PA (though we have not met–other than on these pages). My husband and I were also married in December in a 10 + inch snow storm. On December 28 to be precise.
    I too love the b/w wedding photo.

    OOPS–I had a spelling goof on prior comment, so removed and rewrote it (always the English teacher–I can’t get away from it!)

  3. Your Mom is a beautiful bride! I love the old photos. My Dad was in the Korean War, too – the Navy as I’m sure you figured out from my posts. Thanks for sharing the photo and story!

  4. So sweet, Laura. I see you in your mother’s lovely face.

    Keith and I celebrate our 41st on December 15. I posted my parent’s wedding day picture on my May 2006 post.

    There is something so touching about these black and white wedding pictures.

  5. Bunnygirl: I jusr make things up so it’s half interesting!

    😉 Just kidding!

    Samtzmom: I don’t know; my parents look awfully young in that pic. But yes, the way their lives were lived was *grown up* for their age, I think, compared to what most twenty-somethings do these days.

    Mary: You’re afflicted with brothers, too. You know. 😉

    kgmom: Somehow I always knew I wanted a Christmas wedding – couln’t imagine it any other way. A snowstorm would have made it even more beautiful, I think!

    Lynne: They do look happy – I think my dad looks kind of goofy, though!

    Naturewoman: Thanks, she does look pretty.

    Liza: My brother is a goofball and needs his own blog. (Hint, hint)

    Cathy: Congrats to you and your DH on 41 years – wow! Another December bride.

    Endment: Thanks, these are fun to write.

    Susan: Yes, he is. I think you’re right about the tiny waists – maybe ladies were still wearing corsets?

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