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A late reminder that the now biweekly *Good Planets* will be hosted this Saturday by Bev at Burning Silo. Hopefully it isn’t too late to submit a photo for this weekend’s edition. The theme this month is *home* – whatever that may mean to you. More specific info is available in Bev’s post on the subject. I would love to find a bird’s nest to photograph for inclusion, but this lonely bluebird box was all I found when I went out looking for nests and woodcock late last Saturday afternoon.

Our friend Jayne at Journey Through Grace is hosting the upcoming edition of I and the Bird on 3/22 so send a link to your best bird-related post to her at blessingsabound AT mac DOT com by 3/20. Lots of us have been blogging about birds lately, so it would be wonderful to see your serious or comical (Mary!) bird blogs read by a wider audience.

The weather here in NJ has been temperamental (like most of us come March), but I’ve been pleased to note the arrival of a small flock of bluebirds at Allaire State Park and Red-wing blackbirds in the wet fields by my office. I’ve also spotted a killdeer or two, so Spring is marching northward. The Osprey should appear at Sandy Hook within the next two weeks and I’m trying to decide on a day to take off from work to greet them on their return. The Sandy Hook Migration Watch starts a week from today – if you’re in the area why not stop by and check it out!

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  1. Laura,

    It’s getting busy in the blogger world as you mentioned. I and the Bird and Burning Silo will be overloaded, for sure. The birds are loud and there are many opportunities for watching until the LEAVES COME… What will I do???

    I think Spring is upon you very soon. It snowed in Baltimore yesteday – so you were spared?

    That Bluebird house is great. Awww. Lonely.

  2. Thank you for the reminders! I missed the last IATB because I was waiting to see if I had a better bird post to share . . . no, just had a busier week! Oh well. Still good reading!

    I did manage to get my Good Planets submission in (only because I forgot it had gone to bi-weekly) so that’s covered! I’ve been so busy I’ve been forgetting to take my camera out. So, of course the birds have been sitting two feet away from me and posing for hours. Sigh.

  3. Kildeer are in, and a meadowlark is singing out by our mailbox this morning. It’s supposed to hit 60 today. I’m hanging out tablecloths on the line. Ahhhh. Seems like we’ve waited FOREVER! No January or February thaw this year! Keep looking for signs of spring!
    I love Ted Kooser’s owl poems. You’ve got to read the barn owl one–google it!

  4. It’s fun to hear the birding reports from the coast. It’s been so bitter here the last few days that spring feels months away. It was 21 below 0 this morning. Oh my. Hope you are well, Laura.

  5. Hi Laura – I’m just checking to see if you had mailed an image for Good Planets(?). If so, I fear it may have been bounced away into my junk mail, so give it another try and I’ll watch for it — same goes for anyone else who reads this note. If I haven’t emailed you back to confirm receiving your photo, then I probably didn’t receive it. I do have a problem receiving large photo files as I just have a dial-up connection and the email box is restricted to something under 3MB.

  6. The bluebird house reminds me of a Wyeth for some reason. But you’re hearing bluebirds? Oh . . . too sweet.

    I’ll be checking out a Spotted Towhee that’s got Ohio birders all in a twitter here in Toledo.

  7. We FINALLY have birds. Today was the first I have seen of anything other than robins, hawks and eagles. And wouldn’t you know it; I forgot my camera :(.

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