Don’t like the weather?

Not much to say today, but I do have an addition to the list of things I love about my job. The weather for the last week has been unseasonably warm; near to 70 degrees on Wednesday. But late yesterday a cold front came through and it’s been raining ice and snowing all day today. The view outside the copy room window at the office was very wintery: I often stand at this window and watch for a Great Blue Heron that visits our *pond* – usually there’s a few Canada Geese and some Mallards. Last summer we had a bunch of baby snapping turtles dig their way out of the banks of the pond and under the chain link fence that surrounds it. I was talking about the weather, wasn’t I? See how easily I get sidetracked by birds! Anyway… so it was very cold out today. Winter on the outside.

But inside it was a balmy 81.5 degrees! Yesterday it got up to 84. A summer’s day to go with my coworker’s tropical postcards there in the background. It’s so nice to be dressed for the winter weather and have to sit at your desk and sweat day after day! I love it!

The summertime is even better because I can go to the office and freeze my ass off! I have this pretty blue serape from Mexico that I wrap myself in for the summer months because it’s usally about 50 degrees.

I’m trying to be funny, but I sense that I’m not fooling anyone here. So I’ll end this with an invitation to any of you that are suffering through the last few months of winter in the frozen north to come and visit me at work someday. Whatever the weather, you can count on the opposite once you step inside. I’ll be the one alternately fuming or freezing in the back corner.

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  1. I hate that! We went shopping once in Houston, Tx. It was 95 outside but all the shops were refrigerated down to about 60. (Only a slight exaggeration) I nearly fainted after we’d walked in and out of a few. It was AWFUL!

  2. The same thing used to happen to me when I worked in an office. I had long woolen sweaters that I would wear around in the middle of summer I was so cold. I oculdn’t wait to get out for lunch to just warm up. However, winter was pretty cold, too. It was just plain cold. To keep all of the computers and Xerox equipment nice and happy. That’s what it’s all about (usually) Screw the humans, the electronic equipment was set. That’s one reason why I really hate working in offices.

  3. I keep my house around 60F but during the summer temps can get very high! I can’t believe that our temps finally started to melt things and currently we have received 5+ inches today! Ugg, spring get here quickly!

  4. Well, so far no one noticed that Laura said, “ass”. I love it!

    Laura, it’s the same everywhere… at the DE Dept. of Ed, the building was loaded with post-menopausal women and for 9 months out of the year, we wore summer clothing – even during the most frigid winters. Fans cooled us off in January, where the inside temperature would be above 80. The humidity in the summer made file folders and copy papers melt and laser printers and high tech copiers would jam. We all kept paper towels in our desks to white the sweat from our brow. Nice, huh? Once in a while the A/C would operate well enough to turn our fingers blue in July.

    Anyway, funny post! Glad you saw a little snow today. We are back to very cold rain after a warm week.

  5. I didn’t realize that Laura is swearing again. You can always tell when something honks her off. Out come the bad words!

    It’s about 30 degrees here and didn’t get much warmer than that earlier today. It’s interesting how Nature doesn’t lock the door to the ending season…She leaves the ending season’s door slightly ajar and throws it open every once in a while, just to keep us on our toes.

  6. I keep a sweater and a small space heater in my office at work. The building I worked in for seven years was always freezing, and it was on an old-fashioned “zone” system where you couln’t adjust the thermostat manually. And even if you got HVAC out to do it, you couln’t adjust your office or small area– nope, you had to adjust half the building.

    So I ran my heater all day long and drank hot drinks. Even in summer.

    I hope it’s better in the building I’m in now, but I totally know where you’re coming from, Laura. Get a little ceramic heater for summer. 🙂

  7. Out here it is all backwards. Because they can’t seem to get the system right. Inside, We freeze in the winter, and bake in the Summer. Very strange.

  8. OH my Laura… I’d be cracking that window open a good bit! I can’t imagine working in a building that warm… ugh. Add hot flashes, and someone might just combust spontaneously!

  9. With all the talk about energy conservation, global warming, early changes to daylight savings time, etc, one would think offices, especially government offices, would be more responsible with heating and cooling. There is a lot of talk, but much less action.

  10. Those warm temps indoors are unbearable. I’d rather have it 50 degrees inside than 81. For some reaason I know how to warm up, but not cool off.

    We’ve been having bits of spring-like weather. Those delightful warm hints. Walked at the bay shoreline at sunset last night. It was balmy and beautiful.

    Hope spring comes and stays.

  11. I’ll take you up on that visit. We’re having a heat wave also. We got up to +23° yesterday. I was able to clean the snow and ice off of Ghost mew roof.

  12. Welll I Know what you are saying…&o here last Tuesday and now it is 34. At least I can enjoy the heat in the winter….my wood stove gets nice in warm. I have had it 85 degrees most days when it is cold out.

  13. Ahhh the perennial fight over the office temp control. When I walk in a classroom, I turn the temp down–(keeps the kids awake)–and then these string bean girls sit there shivering. I feel like saying–put some meat on your bones, and you’ll warm up.
    But then, I come from hardy German stock and I am ALWAYS warm.

  14. Having found myself in that lovely perimenopausal stage of life, I find myself NEVER cold (at least never longer than a minute). My body’s thermostat has totally crapped out. I would be a puddle if I had to work in a 84 degree office.

  15. Sorry you’re struggling, but your discomfort sure generated some great comments. ( I was too polite to mention your use of the word ‘ass’ :0) (Just kidding Mary :0D

  16. Liza: Yes, malls are pretty bad that way, but in Houston heat I’d guess it’s a nice respite.

    Naturewoman: I think our room is so hot because we’re right above the IT room – I think they’re sending the excess heat our way!

    Monarch: At least the weather always gives us something to complain about.

    Mary: What is it with you all being so surprised when I use a curse word? Susan started that, didn’t she?


    Our whole building is bone dry all year – thank goodness for that, though it does terrible things to my skin. I couldn’t deal with humidity also!

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