Short and sweet

winter’s forgotten velvet reveals a negligee edged in pink

This week’s prompt at One Deep Breath was to write a one-line haiku. For more one-liners go here.

Today’s temps in the mid 70’s were enough to start the Star Magnolia in the front garden to bloom. Hopefully it won’t rain or frost before the show really gets underway. Star Magnolias bloom early, well before the more common Tulip Magnolias. I foolishly planted ours on the south side of the house and every year March’s unpredicatable weather mars the delicate blossoms coaxed from dormancy by a few sunny days.

19 thoughts on “Short and sweet”

  1. Interesting looking flower-lot of texture to the outer part and the flower itself has a pure,clean look to it.-I’ve never planted any bulbs before-only shrubs, plants or seeds.-maybe I’ll try a couple this year.

  2. Teacher gets an A+. Both the haiku and the photograph are simply stunning. That’s a photo that would be beautiful enlarged and framed-the colors! I’m getting more and more anxious to migrate north and witness Spring.

    Down here the long stretch of isolated beach where I take my morning walks the Piping Plovers scoot back and forth in large clusters-their energy is enough to help anyone wake up and greet the day.

  3. Liza: I had fun with this – still have to go and read the others – yours and Sandy’s.

    Lynne: Isn’t it! Wait til they open.

    Larry: That texture reminds me of velvet or a bunny’s ear. You can’t tell it from my pic, but this flower is on a 10 ft tall shrub.

    Somebunny: That’s what I was (GASP!) going for!

    Vicki: Thanks! Magnolias are pretty, hard to take a bad photo, although I have plenty.

    Do Piping Plovers stay to breed in Florida? I don’t know.

    KGMom: Just imagine what I could do with a few hours sleep!

    Susan: Don’t be a killjoy. I would like my magnolia to bloom beautifully for once.

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