14 thoughts on “4/4/07 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. Awwww! They make me giggle! Sweet! I just want to massage those ears and give them little hugs. I’d love to welcome them on Easter for some treats but they wouldn’t like my bunny chasers :o/

  2. I ‘second’ Mary’s ‘Awwwww’s’. Your sweet bunnies can visit my house for Easter – no bunny chasers here. However we have been visited by some unfortunate winter weather. Drats.

  3. Mary: No they probably wouldn’t appreciate all the hustle and bustle of two active dogs. They’re used to sleepy Buddy who ambles out once in a while to greet the pizza delivery guy or to half bark after the mailman’s gone.

    Bunnygirl: Their ears are just huge, aren’t they?!?

    John: Thanks for the great link and the smiles it brought! If only I had nerve enough to bring these two outdoors for photos!

    Liza: They do everything together and I couldn’t resist the ears both pointing in the same direction.

    Diva Kitty: I think they might like to visit for some mangos! Do you give presents to your bunnies at Easter?

    Delia: Diva Kitty’s buns are well-spoiled!

    Laura: They’re brother and sister and to anyone but me, twins – it seems only I can tell them apart!

    Cathy: I think they might like to play in the snow a bit, actually. It’s great for digging and tunneling!

    FC: Do you like it? It’s pretty violent and sad for a *children’s* story, don’t you think?

    I know you don’t get the bunny thing, FC, but look at those sweet faces! And the ears! Almost as cute as a Lab!

    Monarch: Pure cuteness is a good thing.


  4. I imagine Bunny Bloggers are pretty tightly networked. But when I stumbled upon this, it reminded me of you (the bunny, not the bipolar.)I like the banner photo. It can’t be easy to get a bunny photo that flat and horizontal.

  5. Late response, but I don’t think of Watership Down as a children’s tale.
    More of a rabbity “Lord of The Rings.”
    I enjoyed the book in high school and recently shared the movie with my kids (all teens). They liked it.

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