16 thoughts on “Jack in his green pulpit”

  1. Wood Thrush has a wonderful song using two different sets of (vocal cords?)at the same time.

    I can just imagine being in the that cool, shaded area listening to a Wood Thrush..

  2. Mary: I think what Larry is trying to say is that Wood Thrushes somehow manage to sing in harmony. Nice that you get to hear them at work in the woods.

    Larry: Hearing them this afternoon while on my wildflower hunt was a real gift!

    Lynne: One spring, there was a wood thrush in my yard for a day or two during migration and it was such a treat to hear him out the kitchen window.

    Jimmy: I was so happy to find them! Still looking for Indian Pipe.

  3. “… to hear the sermon of the Wood Thrush…”

    We live in the countryside.
    Very many trees and shrubs surround our house.
    The birds make their nest there. Spring… what a concert!
    The sermon of the birds… that points out Saint François to me d’ Assise!

    Nous habitons à la campagne . De très nombreux arbres et arbustes entourent notre maison .
    Les oiseaux y font leur nid .
    Le printemps …quel concert !
    Le sermon des oiseaux …cela me rappelle Saint François d’Assise !

  4. I like to read about birds you see and then look for them here a few days later. I found my woodcocks that way. The thrush is one of my very favorite birds, too. It’s good to know they are on their way!

  5. Such a lovely photo of Jack-in-the-pulpit.
    I get the same reaction as Mary got from her dogs–anytime I play bird calls, my dog tilts her head–saying, what is it?

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