Same view, new season

I took these nearly identical photos of an abandoned cranberry bog in the Pine Barrens of NJ about 4 months apart. I hadn’t intended to, but guess that some views hold equal appeal, regardless of the season. I think I prefer the photo from late December below; our trip last week was too early for the plants to be showing very much color or any blooms to help identify them. Bev from Burning Silo had suggested a variety of loosestrife when I first posted the photo at the end of last year, but I’ll need a closer look later in the season to convince myself they’re not just cranberry vines run amuck. The working bogs have been drained of the water that protects the vines from freezing during the winter months – those plants are now showing the reddish/purple color seen below and will begin to bloom in the next few weeks. I hope to get back and take some photos of cranberry flowers as they’re quite unique in form.

11 thoughts on “Same view, new season”

  1. I remember that photo in December, Laura! A bog is so relaxing and quiet.

    Please go back in a few weeks and show us the color of summer at the bog!

  2. They look like paintings from one of those 19th century painters-I like what you do with your photos to get that look-whatever your secret is.

  3. Both shots are pretty, and I find myself shooting the same scenes again and again, if I like them. Whatever effect you are using works nicely.

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