16 thoughts on “Not in the moo-d”

  1. I’d wondered what in the world I would do with this pic of a roadside cow from one of my travels – tonight it was just the thing I needed!

    I’m feeling sort of moody and melancholy for no good reason, but I’m okay.

    Looking at the cranky cow makes me feel better.


  2. This really gave me my laugh – a few weeks ago I finally got my Hon to go for a walk and a cow (which looked like this one) chased us!We had running stamina out of necessity! A week later, our local little newspaper had a pic of it – escaped from a ranch.

  3. Cow disapproval–a first! I think one of the things I love most about nature and animals is seeing their various activities and facial expressions and wondering what’s going through their minds. Do cows think? I believe they do. I believe all animals think and feel.

    And this guy’s definitely pissed!

  4. You’re not the only one. Lately I feel totally uninspired..my blog idea jar is empty. Laura even when you don’t feel like posting, you come up with a great post! Great cow picture. Feel better soon!

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