11 thoughts on “A kind of beauty”

  1. A good point … without snow the slow death of it all is quite agonizing. But … the primroses, even now, are beginning to show some budding and hope!

    Even a M-I-L deserves to stay warm, I hope that got worked out.

  2. And furthermore …. thinking of your map-no house numbers comment. Here in our county every single house has a blue sign with it’s white numbers .. the sign is about 3 inches by 8 inches .. and it is posted to be visible by emergency vehicles! people complained some at first, but it has proven to be outstanding!

  3. Lynne: Thanks – you’re sweet!

    Rabbit’s Guy: The garden here is just about asleep for the season. (The peppers are still waiting to be picked – probably past due anyway!)

    As to the MIL – all fixed (temporarily anyway) – other things just can’t be fixed with a bit of kerosene, you know?


    The street signs/house number thing is pretty maddening, really, but I meet lots of interesting people while I roam around looking.

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