Summer… or snow

The gray snowless sky is getting the better of my mood lately, I think. I love the winter and the chill wind, but it all seems pointless without a covering of snow to change the view some. It’s all just brown and monotonous otherwise.

I walked and walked in the woods this afternoon to get rid of the restlessness and to look for some color or something of interest. Finally I settled on the boost a visit to the greenhouse would give… that stifling heat and the smell of growing things and the color! I do this often enough that the ladies who manage the greenhouse know not to ask me if I need help with purchasing something… I’m there just to wander among the flowers and soak up enough of the moist air to help me remember that winter and its gray wont last forever.

I saw the beginnings of their Spring display, with primroses and pansies and the most wonderful of hydrangeas. Bunny topiaries and sweet little bird’s nest wreaths. It’s all deception now, in late January, like the seed catalogs with their pics of tomatoes red and juicy enough to make my mouth water at the thought of a summer afternoon wandering barefoot along the rows of my garden. That memory seems like such a luxury at this time of year, roaming around the garden to see what’s ready for picking, sitting down beside the pond to watch the dragonflies and the fish, hanging out there until the fireflies come to flash their love songs in the night.

My heart’s set on summer… or snow.

9 thoughts on “Summer… or snow”

  1. I’ve been feeling the same, Laura. Looking for color, sun… You see, we do have winter in Charlotte – January and February freezes and clouds.

    You don’t mind cold wind? I hate it.

  2. Laura, I did the same thing this week. One of my friends down in Rindge, NH told me she was able to walk in the woods without shoeshoes, so I tried it up here, and yes, I could too!
    This is about the time I always have to have a greenhouse visit in the winter, to get me through until spring.
    We are getting a “snow shower” this morning, already three inches of it, and still coming down.

    Take heart, spring is only 53 days away.

  3. I felt this way too Laura when I spied some hyacinths in the store potted the other day. I just wanted to stand there with my nose soaking up the color and scent forever. It will soon be back, green and glorious.

  4. This is interesting–various bloggers getting restless for spring. . .Not me. We haven’t had winter yet–oh, we have had some cold weather. But NO SNOW.
    So if spring comes (without winter snow) it could be a dry summer.

  5. I’m definitely in the “can’t wait until spring!” group, but I’ll add that I’m hoping for a lot of snow in these last couple of months as well–otherwise, the bugs will be murder in the spring/summer!

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