My first love

A bunny from memory… my sweet Mr. Bean! He was my first flemish giant and I didn’t have anything big enough to keep him in, so his litterbox and other stuff ended up in the bathroom and he had run of the house. Mostly he liked to hang out behind a chair in the living room or here in the office with me. I never knew where I’d find him… under the spare bed, curled up under the little wicker coffee table like in this pic, on top of a pile of school papers. He was such a gentle bunny and made me a lover of flemmies for life, I think. Can’t imagine not having a few of them around the place, in fact. Giant bunnies are so very different than other bunnies… so laid back and affectionate. Lots of people are afraid of adopting a giant rabbit – imagine a rabbit the size of a small dog – but they are just the sweetest of the lot. And just look at the size of those back feet! Lots of luck there.


10 thoughts on “My first love”

  1. How’d you know I was needing a bunny fix?! Art saw a Flemish Giant at the Humane Society and said he was sorely tempted. I can’t immagine life around here without our Buddy lop.

  2. Be still my heart. Mr. Bean is lovely and this post makes me miss Selma Busynose, our black flemish giant. At 20 # she was almost a match for McCloud. HUGE dewlap. Clean and calm and gentle- what a great rabbit. Maybe I need a rabbit again. I wonder how he/she would do with the winter migration?

  3. This ex-GardenStater is missing your reflective observations, especially as the spring reveals its magic. Hope you’ll be back soon!

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