Weather report

Isn’t that a pretty sun
setting in a pretty sky?
Will we stay and watch it darken?
Will we stay and watch it darken?

–The Waterboys Church Not Made With Hands

It was 74 degrees today here at the Jersey Shore. 74 degrees on the 6th of February. Hmmm… the sunset was right for the season: a pink bowl glazed with gold and orange that quickly changed to deep purple and brilliant blue that deepened then to black.

The gulls and runners were out in force along the boardwalk, as they should be, both facing into the warm wind. The cabanas and empty condos are shuttered against blizzards that may never come this winter. The marina boats are wrapped in plastic and the motels empty among the blinking traffic lights.

Where’s the snow to fill the gullies in the jetty? Why isn’t the sand crunching underfoot? Why aren’t my eyes tearing with the wind along my raw cheeks?

What is wrong with this picture?


A year ago this week I was watching the iceboats on the Navesink, kids skating and playing *river* hockey. Today I put the air-conditioner on in my car and have most of the windows open here at home tonight.

This balmy weather is a treat, but I’m sure we’ll pay for it somehow. Probably with an Easter Sunday blizzard or the likes.


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  1. It was 80 here yesterday in North Carolina, and that is by the coast. We broke historical records for the high yesterday and the day before. I woke up to 64 degrees yesterday morning. That is approaching summer lows. I think you’re right, a blizzard will happen soon.

  2. You paint a wonderful picture with words.
    I have been enjoying the balmy NJ weather in Cape May and Villas. We could very well pay for it. Easter is early this year. I have a photo from the 60’s of three of my children building a big snow bunny for Easter up in NY. Could happen.

  3. It’s true that Easter comes very early this year. I’ve been missing some wild and crazy weather in Chicago- so bad this past week that I couldn’t have been there if I wanted to be. I gather people have now taken up permanent residence at O’Hare. Your neck of the woods sounds much more pleasant- at least for yesterday. I do like the ice boats from last year- also the reference to the Waterboys. Our weather here in the gulf coast has been consistently sunny and 70.

  4. I was wondering the same thing yesterday, Laura. We had 75 two days ago and even for Charlotte, it just isn’t right. Somehow, we will pay. But it was a nice treat, although short-lived.

    Beautiful photos!

  5. That’s lovely – the picture – your description of the sunset and the shuttered summer haunts.

    Even if you pay later – this glimpse of Spring must have been a sweet respite.

  6. I guess we could send you some of our stuff! Great sunset picture and description! It does seem like if it has to be winter with short days, it ought to be REALLY winter and get the fun in and then be done!

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