Yeah.. we’ve always been a little off

I wasted a few perfectly good hours this morning (and enlisted my husband in the project, too) looking for the grown-up version of this pic – I know it’s around here somewhere; can see it even in my mind – but I’ll be damned if I can put my fingers on it. It’s Kevin and I at the beach, me in a bikini looking amused, he up to his knees in the sand, building something to keep that amused grin on my face. I was twenty or so. He thirty or so. Grown-ups. Building sandcastles.

What’s the matter with us?

I heard from him the other day, for the first time since.. oh Christmas, and what did he do? He complimented me on my snowman. The one I built with the five-year-olds from the neighborhood. He told me about the snowman/igloo combination he built; you got to crawl into the snowman’s belly and hide out. Maybe have a nap there. Or a cup of cocoa.

What’s the matter with us?

My brothers and I… we’re a little off. But then, isn’t everyone, in one way or another? Of course I know there’s nothing wrong with us, at least nothing seriously wrong, but I wonder where this sense of whimsy comes from. Why do some of us still have it long past the time when others have grown up?

Not everyone sees the value in our foolishness either. Certain relatives just roll their eyes at us when we get laughing together and planning our next bit of imaginary mischief. Clearly, we are not to be trusted with the trappings of adulthood: the car keys, the checkbook, the children.

Sitting down to write this today, I thought of so many stories that point to our immaturity, but really I’m hoping some of you might share some stories of your own with me, from your families. Are you as *off* as we are?

13 thoughts on “Yeah.. we’ve always been a little off”

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you and your sibs have retained a childlike sense of fun. Whenever I hear someone say that they “need a child” to show them how to play or how to really appreciate clouds/stars/whatever, I think, “What happened to you that you can’t take joy in the world unless someone points it out to you?”

    You can grow up without turning into a grownup. In fact, it’s the best way. 🙂

  2. Don’t know about other sibs, but between myself (age 52) and my sister (age 46) we’re totally irresponsible. Just don’t give us the keys to the car.

  3. There’s nothing in the world the matter with you. It’s great that you have that together. or alone, for that matter. I would still be building snowmen if I could. Maybe I’ll post a picture of the one I built on my back deck, looking into the back door. Did that last year, or the year before – who can remember?

  4. I remember the time my dad got a huge mound of dirt delivered to the backyard so he could “level the lawn,” (?) and my kid sister Mary and I tried and tried to build a tunnel through the bottom of the tall dirtpile–many tunnel collapses later, we were sent to the tub and we turned our bathwater BLACK. I must’ve eaten about a pound of dirt that afternoon.

    Every time I see a mound of dirt around construction sites, I always ponder building a tunnel through–of course, now I would know to use some wood supports!

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