15 thoughts on “A Luka story without words”

  1. Come on-give me the ball-I’ll be good-honest!
    Hey-Okay-she’s gonna throw it now-I’m ready.
    I got the ball! I got the ball!-this is fun!
    okay-now do it again.

  2. Aren’t retrieving dogs great? and it’s good you have a colorful ball that won’t get lost in the snow

    (my dippy dog will chase the frisbee until her feet are so cold that she’s standing on 3 legs, so I take her in the house and 10 minutes later she’s ready to go back outside and do it all over again)

  3. It’s cute…at first. I once had a lab that I couldn’t have in the yard with me if I wanted to do anything else. She would bark and bark until I threw the Frisbee to the point where she literally could go on no more. She wore her canines flat from catching the disk in mid air hundreds of times. It was fun to see her in action, but got to be pretty annoying.

  4. Mojoman: Yeah, I think Labs can sometimes be obsessive with balls or frisbees or shoes!

    Jenn: Close, yeah!

    Ruthie J: He’s not so obsessed with balls yet, but there’s this one toy shaped like a jack.


    Larry: lol!

    Cathy: I think you’re right – Donna got it!

    Rabbit’s Guy: Thanks for the smile!

    Susan: No.. but he’s eaten most everything else around here!

    Dorothy: He didn’t quite know what to make of it at first – you can see that in his eyes, I think.

    KGMom: Only problem is, I would throw it and he kept losing it in the snow!

    Mary: Mostly yeah, he’s handsome.

    Delia: I know you’ll be glad to see the snow go, but this was a first for us this winter.

    Jayne: Exactly (the problem!)

    Mary: I need to try out a hula-hoop with him!

    Liza: I like your story – thanks! You know he jumped around like a monkey once he figured out that snow was fun!

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