14 thoughts on “Witch hazel”

  1. Everybody else must be hungry! It makes me think of some kind of parasitic fungus. I forget the name, but I remember one that grows on cedars, I think.

  2. crazyforcinema: Yes… I can see that!

    Lynne: You must buy good cheese!

    Delia: Yeah.

    Patrick and divakitty: 🙂

    Jane Marie and Cathy: lol! Hungry too?

    Susan: Um.. yeah. Never would have thought you wierd otherwise.


    Mary: Yeah.. I don’t much like yellow after a while.

    Mojoman: I think you and I are thinking of the same thing! Thanks for helping me with it – cedar apple rust – that’s what you mean right?

    Rabbit’s Guy: You must have that blooming already, no?

    Monarch: I like spotting it, too.

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