Is this a look or what?

I think the ribbons on her ears are a nice touch.

Sadie’s embarrassed by them.

I like them and think she looks adorable.

Jay, the good sport who walks her in the park, thinks they’re ridiculous.

He was ready with a story should anyone ask:

“They’re antennas; she’s actually a robot.”

I like that, too.

4 thoughts on “Is this a look or what?”

  1. Oh, Sadie–no dog should have to bear ribbons. But, look at it this way–you have a wonderful home; you are fed every day. So wearing ribbons occasionally is … bearable.

  2. Our Jack, schnauzer dude, came home from groomer with bows in chest fur once. He was mortified when we laughed ourselves silly every time we looked at him. Groomer now favors seasonal bandanas, he doesn’t like those either. :o)

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