The birding life

PA-style! Yes, that is an outhouse in Delia’s backyard, and no, we didn’t spend the day in those chairs looking at it.


The marsh behind it had more wood ducks than I’ve seen in my life, plus pintails and newly arrived tree swallows. There were even peepers peeping this morning. A great day… more pics tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “The birding life”

  1. Tee hee–maxin’ and relaxin’!

    Oh no, Susan! It’s my fault–I cursed you with my hope that you’d lose the “snipe??!!!” photo…

    And I feel just AWWWWWFUL about it…

    Seriously–I am bummed you lost the card. Is there no hope at all?

  2. Yep, Delia. It’s all your fault. You uttered the words, “Well, that means my “Is that a snipe?” picture would be lost.

    My memory card’s death be on your head….

    I downloaded a program that is supposed to find “lost, damaged, corrupted, etc” files. But it didn’t work.

  3. Monarch: Yeah.. our own big sit by the outhouse.


    Susan: No – you filled it up for me – remember?


    That sucks about your memory card. I’m beginning to think you’re somewhat technologically- challenged as well as directionally-challenged.

    Mary: Sort of, yeah!

    Delia: Someone has to tell the snipe story – photos or no!

    KGMom: 🙂

    Susan: Tell the story anyway!

  4. I like the view in that backyard.-I’d like to live in a home that had more backyard habitat than I have now.-Looks like the three of you were very comfortable.

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