Spring in my garden

The season of yellow is quickly giving over to the season of blues, pinks and whites. The neighbors are welcome to their garish forsythia; I’d rather wait for these in my garden:

Virginia Bluebells


Meadow Sage

Quince (slightly garish, yes, but gorgeous anyway!)

So… what’s blooming your way this weekend? Still stuck with all that yellow?


12 thoughts on “Spring in my garden”

  1. I finally broke down and went to the garden center yesterday and walked away with two humongo red geranium ivy, and lots of dianthus to plant. Bring on the color!!

  2. Dutchman’s britches are up on our southern slopes, and blood root is about to bloom. Trillium leaves are open but not yet the flowers. How I love the early Spring ephemerals!

  3. Those are lovely pictures, Laura. I still have only a few brave crocus and small blue hyacinth–not even a dandelion to enjoy yet! The daffodils have some buds and I’ll have to get some liquid fence sprayed on them so the deer and bunnies don’t eat them before they have a chance to bloom.

  4. Oh, I love flowering quince! There are so many flowering trees up here, compared to Texas. All we had down there was those ornamental pear trees, and maybe a redbud. Up here, EVERYTHING is in flower (which I am beginning to think is the true cause of my “cold”).

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