Useless bird photography tips

Tip #1: If you find yourself lacking in either good equipment, skill or interesting and flamboyant birds to photograph, it always helps to take pics of birds in places one isn’t used to seeing them. This will make up for your lack of skill, somewhat. Maybe. Probably not.

Example #1: Robins belong on grassy lawns or in muddy nests, not sandy beaches. The odd habitat distracts the viewer from the less than stellar exposure and the soft focus from your long lens that is sooo darn slow.

Example #2: Eastern towhees should be skulking on the ground in leaf-strewn forests or scratching around beneath blooming beach plum bushes or in poison ivy tangles. They are almost never seen perched in trees. This from-below view is interesting for its novelty and may keep the viewer from noticing the poor composition and soft focus of your photo.

Coming soon: Tips for taking pics of any bird that sits still long enough!

9 thoughts on “Useless bird photography tips”

  1. Very nice photo of the sand robin.
    If I had my camera close by this afternoon, I would have had a perfect shot.
    I was sitting at an outdoor picnic table, next to a bird feeder. A little chipping sparrow stopped by to eat, and just kept eying me. I tried to be very still, so running for the camera was out.
    Tip # 1 for photographing birds that sit still is HAVE your camera in hand!

  2. Donna is right. Having your camera is most helpful.

    I’ve seen towhees perched in trees several times but I’ve never seen a Robin in the sand!

  3. These are wonderful tips–although your photography is seldom in need of distraction or apology.

    I see birds a LOT–but rarely get photos–they’re always backlit or half behind a leaf–flowers and blades of grass usually are much more cooperative.

  4. KGMom: Yeah, isn’t that always the way!

    Probably should add that the camera be turned on and with the lens cover off, as well.

    Mary: Ah see – you were distracted by the odd habitat!

    Jayne: Ha! You never have these issues – all the good birds are in your yard.

    Nina: That’s my thinking, too. Captive, rooted subjects are much easier.


    Trixie: Glad someone was giggling along with me!

    Dave: Isn’t there already an idiot’s guide to just about everything?


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