This firefighter wears pink

Tonight I just want to share this pic of my friend’s daughter… yes that’s a (gasp!) girl under all that firefighting gear – as if the pink nomex hood isn’t a dead giveaway!

Of course, she’s been teased mercilessly for this pic, but the root of the teasing is about more than her fashionable turn-out gear. Rumor has it that the guys in her company won’t allow her to drive the firetruck because she’s a (gasp!) girl. Okay for her to go into burning houses, though. Harrumph, I say! (Well… not just that, but I’ll leave it alone.)

Full story and more pics here.

12 thoughts on “This firefighter wears pink”

  1. Like many facets of life, it’s considered a man’s world. Kudos to her for fighting the “normal” stereotypes, and pursuing what she wants to do. But be careful out there.

    I’ve worked with a number of “non-traditional” women over the years – including a mechanic and an electronics tech. And in Georgia, it takes a lot of spine to put up with the good ol’ boys and their backwater ways. Down here, much to my chagrin, women are expected to be, and too often are, submissive, mindless, dominated, sexual outlets.

    I have to agree with the driving part, however. 😉

  2. Dr. Know: I’d let the snarky comment on the recent bunny post pass, but I think I’ll have to get back to that and address it.

    Hold on while I look around for something to throw at you…


  3. That’s OK. Trapped in this backwater state has made me appreciative of any response that doesn’t include mindless, authoritarian subservience – even flying paperweights.

    I hope you and your readers understand I would never eat a bunny.

  4. Diana DeFazio–you go girl!!
    Thanks for sharing that story Laura. It takes a brave and special person to become a firefighter–woman or man! My hat’s off to her.

  5. It’s pretty funny, in a weird kind of way, that her fellow firefighters are fine with her standing inside a burning house, but won’t let her drive the truck. One step at a time, I guess. Today the burning house, tomorrow driving the truck!

    Carolyn H.

  6. Carolyn: That’s my thought exactly. You might think there’d be concern with her being strong enough to do the job, but I’ve not heard any talk of that.

    Delia: Right.


    Ruthie: Right. She’s a fun kid, too.

    Dr. Know: I have to admit that I did laugh at your comment, thinking of a few girlfriends who are really awful drivers.

    The thing with driving a firetruck is that everyone has to yield to you… how likely is it that she’d hit anything that way?


  7. One of the toughest firefighters I know is Roger’s ex-wife. She worked for the California Department of Forestry, and has been on the frontlines fighting those huge conflagrations that overtake thousands and thousands of acres. When she and her crew had to go out to fight those blazes, she drove the firetruck. Their daughter (my step-daughter), fought forest fires as a summer job while she was in college.

  8. Cheers for the lady firefighter. We have four women police cadets who will graduate soon with four other men – 8 total. We started with 18. None of the ladies quit or failed out.

  9. Good for her! The toughest struggle may dealing with the”good natured” ribbing from the guys – not always so good. I really love the pink hood.

  10. Robin: A few of my relatives have done the same in the summers with the forestry service out west.

    What’s funny with this girl and her company is that she’s also a medic and a volunteer firefighter in another town and they don’t restrict her in any way. I think it’s just a few old guys in her company that have an issue with it, really. Silly.

    Mary: So your favorite is still hanging in there?

    KGMom: Which one was that?


    Bobbbie: Yeah, me too.

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