Straight out of the field guide

The ecstatic upland plover, hovering overhead, poured praises on something perfect: perhaps the eggs, perhaps the shadows, or perhaps the haze of pink phlox that lay on the prairie.” –Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

God I love it when birds do what they’re supposed to… and then pose for pix while at it!


We’d nearly missed this roadside Upland Sandpiper as we chased the tour bus along the prairie trail heading to Chase Lake NWR, but a quick stop and then a very slow progression forward, all the while hoping the bird wouldn’t fly off, let me have my fill of pix hanging out the sunroof of the car like a crazed photographer. I got lots of nice pics, but this one is today’s favorite.

Not a life bird for me, but I couldn’t have asked for any nicer looks at it. Can’t you just imagine it soaring high in the blue skies of a North Dakota spring, its long, drawn out song drifting down over a sunny meadow…

21 thoughts on “Straight out of the field guide”

  1. It doesn’t have to be a life bird to get our attention. I sit and watch some of the most common birds all the time. Corvids really crack me up.

  2. KGMom: Yeah, nice of it!

    Dave: Hi! Uppies are not at all common here and I was thrilled with such a nice view.

    I wish there were ravens enough here to consider them common.

    Liza: Me, too!


    Larry: Yeah… same for me. The closest place I know to see them in NJ is Lakehurst Naval Base – remember the Hindenberg?

    Jayne and NCMountainWoman: Thanks!

    John: Now that you’re back in NJ, try Sandy Hook Bird Observatory’s trip in April or May? It’s a PITA going to Lakehurst anymore, but the habitat there is wonderful and pretty unique. Plus they have the best land manager – guy’s really a great naturalist.

    Carolyn: Yeah.. I wonder why that is.

    Good perch for showing off maybe?

    Sekhar: Yeah, thanks.

    It’s not likely to happen again anytime soon.


    Susan: I wish!

    Sandy: It was really beautiful.

    Cedrorum: Yeah?

    Charlie: Hi and thanks for saying so.

    Kev: Easy enough to fix.

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