From Whiteface

The cloud cover at Whiteface Mountain cleared just enough for us today to enjoy some nice views… (please click on the pic!) I could see Lake Champlain from the summit, but not Montreal. This is a partial view of Lake Placid, btw. There’ll be days of pics (yawn!) when I’ve recovered some and slept. There were singing Bicknell’s and Swainson’s today and a far-off view of a Bald Eagle from the very tip of Whiteface.


Happy to be home.

12 thoughts on “From Whiteface”

  1. Jayne: Yes it was… I was so glad for the stormy weather that morning and the dramatic pictures it made.

    Ruth: Yeah… it was rainy for most of the weekend in the Adirondacks, but I was glad for some sun on Monday!

    NCMountainWoman: Yes! That was really cool – I saw the same type of thing across the prairie in ND. Really beautiful.

    I don’t watch TV, but have been following the dolphin story online as much as possible. Driving past the river is such a circus – all the TV news vans and people milling around. The latest, I think, is that they’re going to leave them be for a while and see what happens.

    Lynne: Thanks. Falling in might be a tad scary though.


    Bobbie: Thanks, yeah. I got lucky to be in the right place at a good time.

    KGMom: There’s plenty of pix – no worries.

    Ruthie: Someday probably. Right now I’m looking at an old pic of sandpipers.

    Sekhar: Thanks.

    Dorothy: It would I guess, yes.

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