Butterfly, you float on by…

Oh kiss me with your eyelashes tonight
Or eskimo your nose real close to mine

Well butterfly you landed on my mind
Actually landed on my ear, but you crawled inside

and now I see you perfectly behind closed eyes
I want to fly with you, but I don’t want to lie to you…
White Admirals were everywhere, puddling on the dirt roads and fluttering through the sunlit woods. White Admirals are considered the northerly form of Jayne’s more southern Red Spotted Purple. Where their ranges overlap they tend to hybridize and keep us all guessing.

9 thoughts on “Butterfly, you float on by…”

  1. Good question – they look so different!

    Funny… there must have been at least 50 in this puddle – way too many for my macro lens to capture at once.

    Cool to see.

  2. Nice leps. I’ve never seen a White Admiral down south, nor do any of them puddle around Metro-Atlanta anymore. I’ve counted fewer than 20 butterflies all year. Even the Red Spotted Purples we usually get have been absent the past couple of years. Too many poisonous lawn care services most likely.

    In Northern California, however, there were tons of butterflies, and they puddled extensively — sometimes in groups of more than 100. Many species I’d never seen before. It was an interesting trip for an amateur lepidopterist.

  3. Oooh, Laura, I just gasped at my monitor! White Admirals!! How beautiful–I’ve never seen them outside of a book. Thanks for sharing these photos.

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