Song of the Sea

Some time at the beach this weekend put me in mind of this little verse that I’d carried in my wallet for a while, but now also have as a framed print in my cubicle at work.

Hear the gulls call in the sky,
the tide lap at the edge of the sand.

I hope you learn to pause in this beauty.
I hope you breathe in the gentlest moments.

If there is sunshine, I hope you lift your face to it.
If there is wind, I hope it moves you.

Look how the sand is swept fresh; the sea is all horizon.
I hope you see how each day has this possibility.

I hope you welcome the quiet as well as the storm.
take deep breaths of salt and sweetness both;

I hope you know it’s the truest air.
See how the waves form one after another

(there’s no human rush to do it all at once)
I hope you live your life one moment at a time.

I hope you focus on what you love.
And, although I know the waves will storm you,

Toss you down and spin your heart around,
I hope you never stop loving what can hurt you.

I hope you learn to float when it’s calm.
I hope you laugh whenever you can.

I hope you roll on and roll on…
See the ocean stir with passion.

I hope you have the courage to throw yourself in.
Fullness is so rare and fleeting

(and there’s always some bad weather coming…)
If there’s a sunset, I hope you watch it.

If there’s moonlight, I hope you dance in it.
I hope your heart finds safe harbor;

But, I hope you know your heart is made for more than that.
I hope you remember when the tide goes out,

It will come back in for you again.
When the sea is singing, I hope you listen,

and I hope you sing along…

from gingras

Anyone else carry little bits of found wisdom with them like I do? What is it and where’d you find it?

6 thoughts on “Song of the Sea”

  1. My wife’s social security number … seem to need it for lots of things! Oh .. and a few bandaids.

    (sorry .. just could not compete with that great one of yours!)

  2. Found this when Sam was first diagnosed and carry it around in my head and call on it often:

    “When you have come to the edge of all that you know,
    And are about to step off into the darkness,
    FAITH is knowing one of two things will happen:
    You will find something solid on which to land,
    Or, you will be taught to fly.”

  3. Rabbit’s Guy: Thanks for the smile.

    Jayne: I like that; thanks for sharing it.

    NCMountainWoman: Love that book title… sounds fun.

    Dr. Know: (laugh)

    Good advice.

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