Saturday’s Stash

It’s hot like an oven here today and I was tempted to spend my $20.00 on a pitcher of lemonade and a beach pass, but instead went to the Asbury Park Farmer’s Market. It’s not much of a market really, just two farmer’s selling fruits and vegetables from the back of their trucks, plus a middle-aged couple with organic jams and relishes. Still, my $20.00 went quicker than it did far.

I bought a couple white potatoes (boring!) for $1.50, 6 ears of white corn for $2.00, a small mountain of string beans for $3.50, some corn relish for $7.00 and a little jar of sugar plum jam for $6.00. I’ve never had sugar plums or sugar plum jam, but the images of snow and cold were welcome today so I bought it just for the novelty.

So now I have this odd assortment of things that are just screaming to be served with a big juicy steak. Only I don’t much like meat.

Next weekend I plan to spend my $20 driving out to the middle of nowhere (for NJ at least) to a great U-Pick farm. I’ll make out good there, I’m sure.

Please stop by Vicki’s for a peak at her Market Day post.

5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Stash”

  1. Not bad for 20.00- your sweet corn is less than ours. I’m curious about that sugar plum jam- I’d be tempted to make some kind of thumbprint type cookie or small tarts but that’s because I only recently perfected pastry crust. (Check out U-Pick will be interesting. I’m waiting for the weekend when you go to the ocean and find lobsters. I wonder how much lobster can you get for 20.00?

    Oh! I have a funny bunny picture I’ll send you. I took it at the zoo farm and it made me laugh.

  2. Sounds good to me. I went to Vicki’s and enjoyed that too. Copied the pesto recipe.

    At lest you went out. I can’t bear this heat! I’ve been hibernating.

  3. I had a great market day: handful of small yellow tomatoes, a thai eggplant and green beans for the buns – 1.50, Basil – 1.00, bunch of kale – 1.50, Oyster mushrooms – 1.50, Cauliflower – 2.00. Orange almonds – 3.50. $11.00! Now I just need to get the tech guys to fix my laptop so I can upload pictures.

  4. Take those “boring” white potatoes and cut them into wedges with skins on. Spray or brush with olive oil. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, rosemary and a little bit of shredded parmesan. Bake and serve with your favorite aioli.

    Interesting that you selected both fresh corn and corn relish.

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