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So… I was done early with work yesterday afternoon and had wandered out into the yard to sort through some of the skippers that were flitting about the um… um… what’s this flower called again? Is it snakeroot? I think so. Anyway, it’s a bit weedy in the garden, but is a skipper magnet. I was only outside with the camera for twenty minutes or so and Luka is, after all, nearly grown, so I didn’t crate him and thought nothing of leaving him unsupervised for such a short period of time.

Bad idea! Maybe your dog is like Luka: you know, you spend money on toys and stuff for them and they just destroy whatever it is for them that you buy. Luka did that this week with the nice soft bed we bought for his crate. I was concerned with his elbows on the hard metal all day long, but he tore it to shreds on Monday morning. $40.00 wasted!

This time he decided to save us the trouble of that intermediate step of buying something with the money and then shredding the purchased item. Instead he just shredded the money straight away. How considerate! The DH had left an envelope of money and checks from FD t-shirt sales on the dresser and Luka grabbed it and spread it out across the kitchen floor. Thankfully, only one check and a ten dollar bill were actually shredded beyond repair.

At least I think so anyway.

Silly dog!

And then there was the chasing him through the house, laughing, camera in hand, for the sake of that Ben Franklin…

I’m not sure I want to imagine what he’ll do to top this.

20 thoughts on “Top this”

  1. I especially love the “WHO ME” look on Luka’s face.
    Thanks for answering my un-asked question–when I saw the original photo, I thought-hhmmmm–wonder if that was posed. I should have known–with a lab, one NEVER has to pose anything!

  2. Katdoc told you not to teach Luka to fetch things from the table (or dresser).

    What a funny little dog. Our Lucy had to sleep on the hard crate for two and a half years. She chewed anything we tried to put in there. Finally, she decided it was more comfortable with some padding, so there is hope for Luka.

  3. Our dog, Franklin, ate his bed the first night we had him.
    I think it was his way of acting out–we’d gone upstairs and left him in the kitchen.

    After working thru his “issues,” we tried again.
    Maybe he just needed to get it out of his system. He’s been good about it ever since.

    Nice skipper.

  4. Oh, my!

    My dogs have eaten (and shredded) many things over the years, but never a pile of money.

    FYI, if you can gather together more than 50% of a shredded bill, the bank will replace it with a whole one.

    Love the “Who, me?” expressions on Luka’s face. Such a classic Lab puppy. He’s gorgeous, and worth – oh, I don’t know – his weight in hundred dollar bills!


  5. “Oh no!” I gasped at my monitor.
    I think Luka must have an evil twin who only shows up when you’re outside! That cute puppy in your picture could not possibly have been that naughty!

  6. Liza: You’d not believe it if it weren’t for the photos, right?

    Wait… we’re talking Labs after all. I take that back.


    Forest Green: Bwa-ha-haaa!

    Jayne: Yeah. So lucky of us.


    Ruth: Ha! Your comment totally cracked me up! Thanks.

    Bobbie: Yeah… the DH keeps reminding me that I brought him home.

    KGMom: It was almost posed… as soon as he sees the camera he goes into impish mode anyway.

    NCMountainWoman: Yeah.. he destroyed that nice bed. I knew Labs were known to be chewers, but wow!

    FC: And I can hear you laughing, too.

    Sekhar: Nice? You don’t have a Lab, do you?


    Delia: Want him? I’ll pay you!


    Cedrorum: Classic, yes. Exsasperating, too.

    Mojoman: Stop reading my mind!

    (It won’t be the first time.)

    Mary: I can guess the mayhem you put up with daily.

    Nina: I know it’s my fault – he doesn’t get enough exercise – is full of the devil – etc.

    He’ll grow out of it someday!

    Susan: Pfft.

    (Not my money either!)

    Rabbit’s Guy: Ha. Very funny.


    KatDoc: Really… it makes me just a bit nervous to have a vet reading about Luka’s antics. You must think so poorly of him.


    RuthieJ: You should see how cute he is when he’s asleep!

    Innocent, too!

    Laura: Hi. I loved that. Sounds pretty familiar.


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